TODAY’S JOURNAL PROMPTS: What do I notice starting to compound into something greater that would have been impossible for me to see a month ago? What might happen if I stayed committed towards this growth for another 30 days?

This morning I pulled an old tablet (the paper kind) out of a bag in the trunk and brought it into work with me. It was the second sketch pad from the 30 Day Challenge I did last February, where I tried to draw a portrait a day for thirty days.

I stopped at Day Twenty-Eight. So, first thing I am noticing is that I managed to beat my last record by one day, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to actually finish this one.

My goal for this challenge was not nearly as visual as the one I did last year. There are no drawings for me to look at and say, yeah, I accomplished that.

Day Twenty-Three "Trailblazer"

Not gonna lie–I don’t have a notebook to look back on to prove I did this challenge. I have this journal, and I have friends I’ve made on the Challenge Facebook group.

I have tears that I can cry, which is nice.

I have the word “no,” which was always problematic for me.

I have a renewed interest in life, something that’s been in rare supply since the November 2016 elections. I see a future for myself, which I’d stopped believing in completely for a long time.

I haven’t looked at the micro-challenge for Day 30 yet. I’ve seen so many “Day 30” posts on the Facebook group, but it never actually occurred to me that I’d be getting to my own so soon.

So, now I look forward, now that the meditations have been done, the tears have been shed, the stones cleansed and returned to the earth.

What now?

I have a couple of ideas for new 30 Day Challenges I’d like to start.

  • Learning about energy healing, particularly tapping and acupressure
  • Developing my tarot reading business with my wife (Two Ladies Tarot)
  • Developing a podcast either about feminism, spirituality, current events, or pop culture (or all of the above)
  • Continuing to blog about…something. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue this blog when I’m done, or develop something less specific to my own journey. But I know I would like to keep writing regularly.

So, who am I going to be at the end of this 30 Day journey? I’m not sure. Who am I going to be after the next one, or the one after that? Not a freaking clue.

But I will definitely keep you posted.




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