TODAY’S JOURNAL PROMPT: What was the seed that inspired you to start this 30-day challenge?

I knew when I was doing the last challenge that, if I succeeded, it would only be the first, possibly of many. I mean, if you have a good thing going, why waste the momentum?

During the first challenge, a few ideas came to me.  To be honest, I was actually surprised to have any ideas, much less multiple ones to choose from. Used to be my brain was so filled with ideas that I had to spit them out to avoid overload.

Then life intervened, and the well dried up.

So here I was, staring at three equally attractive options. I pulled cards. I meditated. But in the end, I knew getting Two Ladies Tarot up and running was what I had to do. The universe has been screaming this at us for quite a long time, and we just keep waffling around it.

It wasn’t until I finished the 30 Day Challenge that I realize why I’d been putting this off. My wife and I do the readings together (thus, Two Ladies Tarot, get it?) And we’ve been starting and stumbling on getting this business together for a while. Basically, my wife was tasked with getting the website together, as she is better at that stuff than I am. Plus, I have that pesky day job vying for my time.

So, we’d talk about the site, she’d get to work on it, start up the design, but hate what she came up with. The templates on this host weren’t right, or we didn’t have the right logo or design. Perfectionist.

And I kept out of it, mainly because it was her thing. Web design.

Now I’ve designed a few half-assed websites in my life. They were okay. Passable. Got the job done, but nothing to get excited about. But her websites were lovely, well thought-out, and…never finished.

I would have been happy with half-assed, if it got the job done, but I didn’t want to step on my wife’s thing.

On Day 30, I stepped on my wife’s thing. I advised her that we needed to get this business ready. I would get a website up with her advising. I would also figure out what we needed to do to start taking credit card payments. I would also mock up some business cards. I would even get a blog started, if need be, and work up the social media.

All she had to do, in the end, would be to help me with any technical webbie stuff I couldn’t handle.

And do you know what my wife said, when I stepped on her Thing and decided to just jump in and get this started?


She had other things to do and was just as happy to let me muddle through on my own. She had grown so far from that insecure woman I used to know, who would guard her things so desperately. With all the growing I’d been doing, I failed to notice my wife was growing too.

So, 30 Days of Brave 2.0. We get Two Ladies Tarot up and running, with as much help from my wife as she feels she wants to provide. And by the end of the thirty days, hopefully we will be moving forward with a business will thrive.

The Hermit wanders alone, indicating inspired action and lack of concern for material things. Today, this card indicates great inner power and strength… the ability to see things through without regard for the circumstances. You will surely succeed in your endeavor, but sacrifice and commitment will be required. The staff of discipline will guide you.

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