Today’s journal prompt: Who made you feel good this week? What did they say?

Honestly, I made myself feel good this week. Starting last night, I decided to take action and just get started on Two Ladies Tarot. I didn’t wait for permission or approval, and I certainly didn’t wait for help.

Once I realized I didn’t have to fight with a website, that I could stick with a blog, Facebook, and Twitter and that was enough, I felt no need to continue waiting. Yes, I’m still in the market for a company logo so we can get our branding together, but even that is no longer out of my control. Using an online image designer (and my rudimentary graphic art skills), I cobbled together a rough draft of what I was looking for. This way, the artist had a road map to follow.

I’ve also figured out to schedule posts on the blog. I will do a weekly reading (scheduled for 10AM Mondays) and an Everyday Mysticism post (scheduled for 10AM Wednesdays). i can always post interviews, articles, and other items in between, but this way I have two posts (one topical, one evergreen) scheduled for each week. I can write them both over the weekend, when I have more time and energy, so I don’t have to worry about it during the week when I’m stressed.

It sounds like so little, but in truth, this is huge for me. This is like, grownup organized. Not like me at all. 😀

So, me. I’m proud of me, and I made me feel good.

Yay, Me!

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